Design researcher & social designer, working in the intersection of research, design and culture. I explore, collaborate, facilitate, consult and initiate. 

Latest activities ︎︎︎

Joining Bak fellowship 2020

Bak (basis voor actuele kunst Utrecht) fellowship program has started! Together with local creatives, thinkers and activists, I have been invited to join this experimental pilot program. We will be collectively researching forms of infrastructures and relationship between Bak and local communities. 

Contributing to the publication ‘Explorers’

Design research studio STBY has released a new publication dedicated to mapping in design research. The publication was crafted together with researchers from all around the globe. Thrilled to see my contribution with the essay ‘Zooming in and out of complexity’ as part of it!

Storytelling for reflection on Inclusive Spaces

Which roles does De Voorkamer play in the life of different community members? How can storycrafting and storytelling serve as a tool for research and self reflection?
Together with VU, Mazreb and De Voorkamer I organized a short storytelling course. The sessions are part of the project Learning Crossroads for Refugee Inclusion of De Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Refugee Academy)

DoorVanVoor in Utrecht

The program DoorVanVoor by the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam aims to expand the understanding of co-creation in the cultural sector, particularly in the context of institutions. As a part of this program the museum initiaties tours to different places in Netherlands where co-creation is a key pillar. I co-curated and hosted the DoorVanVoor excursion in Utrecht, in collaboration with De Voorkamer, Le Guess Who, Metaal Kathedraal and Bak. By making a podcast after each tour, the museum keeps the conversation remains going!

Researching Embedded Design in Veenhuizen

I am working on a book that sets to capture seven years of collaboration between the Design Academy Eindhoven, the historical monumental village Veenhuizen, the prison in Veenhuizen, the province of Drenthe and KETTER&Co. With this co-created publication, all parties aim to shed light on the methods explored and the impact and potential of embedded design.
Shay Raviv 2020