Designing Inclusive Spaces. 

BY & FOR: Designing Inclusive Spaces is a publication describing the design principles of De Voorkamer. Initiators Shay Raviv and Pim van der Mijl worked together with Jamie Woods (Cambridge University) to harvest and share the knowledge gained through the development process of De Voorkamer.

This is no step-by-step De Voorkamer set-up plan, but a guide for creating inclusive spaces and projects.

Since its pilot days in 2015, De Voorkamer has evolved through the lessons learned in our early days, and those we continue to learn. Whilst guided by these lessons and our project plans, in the daily life of the initiative, we are rarely preoccupied with considering conventional principles and terminology - we just work. Reflecting on and distilling this evolution, we have brought forward a set of core principles more commonly held in the back of our minds which have established De Voorkamer as an inclusive space, designed by and for our community.

We believe social innovation happens locally, but can be interpreted broadly. Our ambition is to encourage like minded people and organisations to dare and create new inclusive spaces.

By & For publication is a collaboration between Shay Raviv, Pim van der Mijl  from De Voorkamer and Jamie Woods (Cambridge University). The publication was presented at the Dutch Design Week 2018.

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