WHAT IF LAB - Police 2025

To visualize what the police should or could look like in 2025, the security partners of the Ministry of Justice & Security, the Public Prosecution Service, Regional Mayors and the Police commissioned an empathic participatory research. The What if Lab, a program of the Dutch Design Foundation, commisioned KETTER&Co, among four other design studios to contribute to the reseach.
I collaborated with KETTER&Co to explore the question: what do different user groups think the police organization should look like in 2025?
In contrast to coming up with solutions, in this What if Lab, we have been looking for emerging insights from society to broaden the visions of the security partners. We went out into the field with our pop-up research studio to understand what issues citizens in rural areas expreinces when it comes to their saftey and the role the police should play in securing it.

Commissioned by Ketter&Co, for the What If Labs of the Dutch Design Foundation. In collaboration with Laura Haas and Noor Bostma.